Web Design

Re-design and upgrade your existing website

Does your website look as if it's stuck in the 90's? Maybe you want a great new looking, seo friendly and easy to manage website once again?

Are you satisfied with your current website? Is your site looking tired and outdated? To be honest, we've all been there, that's why we redesigned our own site to look as hot as this (or if the year is 2035 and you're reading this, then our website needs a revamp again!!!!).

In most instances, a website redesign comes under three options:

  1. We simply 're-skin' your website with a new fresh design. This entails modification of your HTML coding, whilst maintaining the content and site navigation. This is offer a fairly Efficient method, allowing you to update the aesthetics with a modern design.
  2. Re-design your website add new features and upgrade the content. This is a popular website upgadding to remove stagnant pages and replace with new features, whilst maintaining the key elements of your website. Often customers want to remove old content and replace it with new content and functionality such as photo galleries, news pages, blogs and shopping carts.
  3. A complete website overhaul. Our designers are often asked to redesign a website, restructure the navigation, optimise the coding for search engines, add a CMS and add a few new features to the site. This is definitely a costly exercise, but many businesses have outgrown their old website and are now looking for a new website that can take their business to the next level.

As you can see, we specialise in website redesign. So if you want to improve functionality, credibility & visual design of your existing website, call us now to discuss your website redesign...!