Web Design

Update your own website with a CMS

is trying to maintain your website a real pain? Does it burn a hole in your pocket?

Some customers only update their website once every few months. For the majority of serious website owners you know that you want to update your website on a regular basis. In fact it can be quite frustrating to keep asking your web designer to update your website, only to be landed with a hefty bill.

We can design a bespoke Content Managenent System (CMS) to allow you to log in and update the content of your website. Rather than building a CMS for your whole website, we can discuss your website needs and build a CMS specific to the key regions of your website that are important to you (I.e. Photo gallery, news, events, home page, products, services). A bespoke CMS like this will be considerably cheaper than building one to edit the whole website or even to subscribing to CMS software.

Our customers pay one small monthly charge so they can say goodbye to their web designer and maintain their own website. They love the feeling of control and the time they save with our award winning CMS. You simply login to your website via an admin URL to control the content on your own website, then you'll have complete independence and total control! Should you require any support, we're here for you.

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