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Laotian Village Community Fund (LVCF), London

Website design for LVCF charity, London

Website built to help others...

The Laotion Village Community Fund (LVCF) is a charity that raisies money for villages community projects throughout the world. Redspokes adventure tours are a holiday cycling company that travels primarily throughout Asia and South America. During their trips, they visit remote villages and deprived communities. Redspokes set up this charity to help build schools, fresh water filtration, housing and even help provide artificial limbs to children injured by land mines.

We were asked to build a website for the charity to help educate the public, raise awareness and help raise money towards these projects. This was a website we just had to build right to help promote this great cause.

We built and designed this website with the intention of keeping it simple yet stylish but keeping the websites key featers, These consist of a latest news feed, video & image gallery with fullscreen video player and image slideshow dedicated to each project. The website also links to their facebook page and most importantly links to the Justgiving donations website with each project linking directly to its own donations page.

Our web developers have made the website search engine friendly, so that when the charity adds new projects, the searche engines will thrive on each web page and help promote each project accordingly as this is a website that is definitely worth ranking highly within Google!

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