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The Rest Hotel, Porthcawl

Website Design for The Rest Hotel in Porthcawl

This Porthcawl hotel website was designed as an online brochure and noticeboard for this fabulous restbite hotel.

The building is an enlisted building and was built by Dr James Lewis and has significant historical importance as he built this building as a Convalescent Home in July 1878 and has since been used as a hospital during The Great War and WWII. Prior to the construction of the building, ther received a letter from Florence Nightingale which she advises on the design of a new convalescent home in Porthcawl.

The business was run as a Charitable Trust and were self funding, non profit making, and has recently closed due to lack of funding and the increase of maintenance costs to this grand buiding. This was an unfortunate occasion as this porthcawl charity was providing wonderful holidays for retired mature folk, able bodied and disabled alike at a grand location.

The website was to be built within a budget. A classic website design was developed to compliment the historical building. Our design team spent several hours photographing the building, highlighting it's historical features and capturing the ambience and character of the Hotel; an animated slideshow on the homepage animated various images of the hotel. When the website was active, the staff at the hotel were able to update the website on a regular basis using our editing suite provided.

The website was active for five years, but has since closed. The website most definitely helped the rest advertise their accommodation and were receiving regular enquiries via the website.  The website was also a great portal for advertising their local events. However it is a shame that the excessive maintenance cost to this grand building was too overwhelming for the charity to absorb.

Work Completed: