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Harris Printers Ltd, Porthcawl

Harris Printers, Porthcawl - website design

Creative website for design, print and signage.

A highly established local Porthcawl based print company Harris Printers offer digital print, shop signage, vehicle graphics and promotional goods to the areas of Bridgend, Cardiff and Swansea. They previously owned a small static website containing a couple of small web pages depicting their location and was extrmely out of date with a logo which had been updated a few years previously. Their website was in dire need of a re-design.

The design brief for this project was simply to scrap the old website and build a brand new website and turn it into an essential marketing tool. Our team of web designers set out to work immediately and developed a series of web design visuals that were designed to engage with customers.

This bespoke website has a great aesthetic appeal, showcasing their great print ability and portrays the company in a highly professional manner.

When searching for printers in Bridgend, or printers in Porthcawl, their old website was nowhere to be seen. So our web designers worked hard on the website with optimising the site for the search engines. ...And now? ...we'll they're back up there at the top of the rankings for the first time. ...and business is as great as ever.

Work Completed: