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Caravan Team, Swansea

Caravan Team Swansea, website design visual

Designing websites whilst flipping burgers on the BBQ? (...We wish!)

Caravan Team are a large swansea based business providing mobile servicing throughout South, West and Mid Wales. The Company Directors at Caravan Team approached Daly Design requesting a website for both selling online and for required an ecommerce website for their caravan servicing and repairs business. In addition, they also required a new brand identity.

Our design team created and new logo (based on a mechanics spanner) and brand identity and assessed the best approach to design a website to fit their criteria.

In order to allow Search Engines to thrive on a website for certain key phrases, our web developers eventually built two websites for them... an ecommerce and an ebrochure website.

This allowed the search engines to concentrate on different search terms for each website. ie. the .co.uk website is an ebrochure website advertising their caravan repairs and services, whereas the .com website is an ecommerce website advertising spare parts, accessories and caravan consumables that they sell online.

Our web designers have analysed the website visitor statistics and trends, evidence has shown that this approach works well and that each website is performing well within the search engines for its own serch terms.

Now that the website is built, maybe we can sit back and start that BBQ! :O)