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Secure Online Payment Card Processing for Your Business

Looking for a payment service provider for your web site? We are Authorised Resellers for SecureHosting UPG Online Payment Card Processing service and offer an extremely versatile and customisable real-time online card processing payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with your web site.

Payments can be taken immediately or delayed for manual checking. Telephone orders can be processed via the "Virtual Terminal" included in the service.

The charging structure is unique within the industry, as transaction fees are based on a pre-pay credits system. The advantage of this is that you only pay for what you need, so you can start small and buy progressively larger blocks of credits as your transaction numbers increase. The larger the block, the cheaper the cost per transaction. High volume merchants benefit from a cost per transaction lower than any other payment service provider.

To start accepting card payments online through your web site, you will need the following:-

A merchant account with one of the banks listed
An online card payment gateway (that's the part we're talking about)
A web site, with a shopping cart system (Yup! We specialise in that too!).
If you have never accepted credit or debit cards before, we can help you to get started.