Second website launched this week

The second website this week to be launched, is a fully mobile responsive site.

This new website was designed and developed for Cardiff's largest Chiropractic Clinic, C'S Chiropractic Clinics.

C'S Chiropractic Clinics are an existing client of ours yet it has been several years since we redesigned their last website. Over the last few years, their site has received several upgrades with new features, however this new website was sure to have the biggest new feature that demanded a whole new rebuild... they wanted it to be mobile friendly.

The new website is not just mobile friendly, but instead, is now fully mobile responsive. This new responsive site is fully scalable, which means that it has been developed with all devices in mind. In this day of age, there is no standardisation of screen resolutions, each phone and tablet manufacturer are designing products with screens of various screen resolutions, which is making designing for the web more complicated, however a responsive website will adapt itself to each resolutions as it will scale to fit the device.

The new C'S chiropractic clinics website has been developed with improved Search Engine Optimisation which we know will definitely help it climb the search engine rankings. In fact we're confident that it will sit highly on the first page of Google for 'Cardiff Chiropractors'.

As part of the marketing campaign, we have also designed discount vouchers, and posters to coincide with the launch of their new website design.

Visit the C'S Chiropractic Clinics website:

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