Redesigned website that joins the leaders in being the best

Just before Christmas, we launched a new cycling holiday website for one of our most established clients, Redspokes Adventure Tours.

The launch timing of this site could have come at a better time. We advised our clients that the week before Christmas would be an ideal time as customers are busy preparing for Christmas, but on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the following days, potential customers will be playing around with their new iPads, browsing the web whilst looking at ideas for a new holiday for next year.

Likewise the first week of the New Year would see customers making new year resolutions to visit the world, get fit, have an new adventure or book a memorable holiday in an exotic country. ...these are all the reasons that a pre-Christmas launch was a brilliant idea.... The website analytics show that the launch was a huge success, by the end of January, most of the tours were full and that compared to previous years, the visitors doubled, likewise the pages per session increased and the bounce rate on the website dramatically dropped. To top it all off, by the beginning of May, Redspokes were reporting their best turnover ever for the first 4 months of the year. These were signs that the new site was a huge success.

So why was it such a big success? ...well it was a combination of things...

The website was completely rebuilt in html5 with new css3 coding and enhanced html5 semantics and built with search engines in mind. The site was fully mobile responsive (mobile optimised), and all images and coding optimised too. Schema Rich snippets were applied to increase its visibility within Google, likewise filepaths, meta tags and server configuration were all optimised too. We even worked with our client in optimising the content (text) of the website so it performed better within Google.

As you can probably tell, this was not your normal Wordpress or Drupal website, this was a fully bespoke website which was built with aesthetics, functionality and SEO in mind. The website had to be easy to navigate, easy to read, attract new sales, easy to maintain whilst being thrived on by Google, Bing and yahoo.  

The new website is faster, more powerful and most definitely more attractive and easier to use. It now features new maps, charts, self generating PDF's brochures of tours, and most importantly a fully bespoke booking system whereby customers can book a tour online, pay deposits, pay amounts towards their holidays, download trip notes, manage their current and past bookings.

Redspokes staff then manage all bookings online through their booking system, managing all tours and bookings. Redspokes are able to amend bookings, and run reports off for each tour, thus making it easier to manage the tour and due to the various automated tasks, have reduced their time spent on administration tasks.

Why not have a look at and if you're looking for a new website that involves a reliable and efficient booking system, give us a call and we'll be sure to help you.

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