New online booking system for massage / beauty therapy website

This week sees the launch of a new online booking system for Cardiff based beauty therapists 'Revive at Work'.

This calming website will undergo a gentle upgrade as we launch the new online booking system, which has been customised to accept bookings online for massage and beauty treatments. 

This beautiful booking system allows customers to book online via their mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computer as it is fully mobile responsive so the booking pages are designed to scale to any web browsing device.

The booking system allows customers to select a treatment/service, choose an employee and even allocate a time slot. The live treatment time slot system also can be used to allow business owners to fully customise their working patterns, with adjustable an working week, custom employee work shift, and even assign certain treatments to certain employees

Various payments can be configured so that customers can pay at your salon, or even pay online via credit card or paypal. This is a fantastic salon/clinic booking system that allows your customers to book online an reserve their appointments with their favourite therapist, masseur or hairdresser!

The beauty therapy booking system is a web driven package that can be highly customised. It can also be integrated into a chiropractors website, podiatrists site or even a hairdressers salon website.

The Revive at Work website was designed to advertise their massage and beauty therapy services within the workplace. The website explains how this is a healthy service has proven to reduce stress and improve productivity, efficiency and turnover when the employees are relaxed after their treatments.

With this new online booking system that we've integrate to their website, it will reinforce that a happy and relaxed employee is a productive employee!

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