Magento Web Hosting

Over the last few years, we've been busy designing custom themed Magento websites for our customers, with most of them wanting to migrate from SellerDeck to the more powerful Magento. 

In fact, we've also seen an increase of new enquiries from established businesses who already have a SellerDeck website, but are looking to upgrade their online shop to one that is better suited to businesses that want to get more out of selling online.

Due to the increasing demand of Magento websites we've been working on, we've also ramped up our web servers, increasing performance, optimising the server software to help speed up these more powerful shopping carts.

Yes, Magento is powerful, but definitely slower due to the massive database architecture and coding required to run it.

If you think that building your own Magento website and buying a theme for it will be an easy solution, think again! is great, it's straightforward to use, but Magento requires a fair amount of optimisation to make it run smoothly and a decent web hosting package to help it deliver.

As an example in the last few weeks, a new customer contacted us as they had they magento website built elsewhere, but had lost contact with their web designers and signed up to a well known web hosting company that specialises in magento hosting. sounded great... Just what we recommend (only if you don't want to host your site with ourselves)... However, this specialist magento web hosting company sold them the basic package, it advertised unlimited traffic, unlimited email accounts, multiple websites, unlimited MySQL databases, etc.

However there was a shortfall... They didn't advertise the restrictions. The customer was receiving emails from stating their database was too big, they had too many files (even though it was 1/4 of their disk space assigned to them, the actual number of files was too many!) ...this was clearly showing flaws in buying cheap web hosting for magento. As a result of this, the customer approached us and has asked us to look into the outage that they were experiencing. Upon investigation, we discovered that theconfiguration of magento was not optimised, custom script and scheduled tasks not implemented when the website was built. The first thing we did was to truncate and re-index the Url Rewrite table in the database (this saved a whopping 600Mb), tweaked the log file rotation (logs were massive too) and emptied old session files. This will only be a temporary solution, but nonetheless it depicts how these larger companies are great at sales, capture your website, then kind-of ransoms you to upgrade to a larger web hosting package. 

We're not saying that all larger companies work this way, but we've found a few of them do. At Daly Design, we look after our customers, always with them to maintain their websites, helping with marketing to increase sales, and striving to build bespoke web hosting packages for all sizes of ecommerce websites.

So if you have any issues with your magento website, drop us a line and we'll take a look to see what we can do to boost your site. 

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