eCommerce Healthcheck

Try our SEO Services with an Ecommerce Health Check from only £99

Did you know that we provide a range of SEO and traffic-generation services? These range from a one-time 'Ecommerce Health Check' right up to a detailed monthly report and analysis for your business.

The SEO services from Daly Design can increase your search engine traffic through improved rankings, and also help you develop an in-depth understanding of what the issues are around keeping your website optimised and up to date.

In order to give you a sample of how we can help you, we are offering you the opportunity to try a one-time 'Ecommerce Health Check' for only £99.

More about our Monthly SEO Service

Our monthly SEO service includes the following:

  • Monthly ranking reports, showing how well your site is performing month on month
  • Keyword services, showing you the most important search terms and giving you advice on where to include them
  • Suggestions for off-page marketing, to increase the quality of links to your website
  • Latest industry and search engine technology news
  • Monthly tutorials delivered in writing or via webcast

Not only that, but if you don't have time to implement all our suggestions, we can implement them for you.

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