New website designed for IT Consultancy in London

Our web designers have one again been busy and launched a great new mobile optimised website.

Our client, Convergent Consulting are a London and Zurich based IT systems agency, developing IT systems for major Worldwide banking corporations around the world. Convergent needed a complete company re-brand and re-design of their website.

As their website is primarily used as a presentation tool during ad-hoc meetings with senior banking staff, the new website needed to be developed for mobile devices so that it would support an opportunist sales pitch regardless of their location, or devices used.

Based on initial client briefing and analysis of Google Analytics web statistics showing high mobile browsing on their current website, our web designers, designed this website primarily for mobile phones, then slowly worked their way up through tablets, notebooks, laptops and finally developed the CSS layout for desktops.

The content of the website is high in text, but low in graphics. This helped with text to HTML ratio and simplified the layout for us, however with constructive conversations between our web design team and clients, creative technical graphics and charts were developed to help depict their services, explain key messages and break up long narrative text within the content of the page.

Example chart that our designers created for Convergent Consulting, London.

The design brief stated that the logo needed to be modern, dynamic and designed with the three key services in mind. Our designers immediately approached this task through a series of design visuals, together with our business clients' feedback and developed this great logo.

The new logo contains the letters 'C' and 'O', with the 'O' being a hexagonal nut, depicting their technical expertise. The logo also contains three key colours that depict the three key sections of services that they deliver. The new logo was designed so that all the components converge together, relating to the meaning of the company name. Finally, logo has been designed as an icon so that it can also be used for various graphic design literature and as web app icons so that users can save the website to their home screen on their mobile devices.

Overall, the new convergent logo and website have been a huge success, with positive feedback. See for yourself as to how this is such a good website...

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