Apple Touch icons for mobile devices designed for you...

The last 6 months, we’ve been heavily investigating Google and new ways to expose your make websites more Search Engine friendly and visible on the web.  So in order to share our experience and expertise amongst all our clients, we’re going to start releasing a series of upgrades for websites each month.

The first in our series of upgrades is dedicated to making your website visible on mobile devices (Tablets, phablets and phones). These days tablets (i.e. Apple iPad, Google Nexus, Galaxy Tab) can render your website without it having to be fully mobile optimised.

eCommerce Healthcheck

Try our SEO Services with an Ecommerce Health Check from only £99

Did you know that we provide a range of SEO and traffic-generation services? These range from a one-time 'Ecommerce Health Check' right up to a detailed monthly report and analysis for your business.

The SEO services from Daly Design can increase your search engine traffic through improved rankings, and also help you develop an in-depth understanding of what the issues are around keeping your website optimised and up to date.

New Year... New Website

So its now 2014 and at Daly Design we've decided rather than just build websites with  our bespoke CMS, we'd upgrade our sills with Drupal and add this as a new service for our customers. What better way to do this than to redesign our website using Drupal.

We can then evaluate the difference between the SEO qualities of Drupal and our advanced SEO skills on bespoke websites. ...who will win??? ;O)

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