Apple Touch icons for mobile devices designed for you...

The last 6 months, we’ve been heavily investigating Google and new ways to expose your make websites more Search Engine friendly and visible on the web.  So in order to share our experience and expertise amongst all our clients, we’re going to start releasing a series of upgrades for websites each month.

The first in our series of upgrades is dedicated to making your website visible on mobile devices (Tablets, phablets and phones). These days tablets (i.e. Apple iPad, Google Nexus, Galaxy Tab) can render your website without it having to be fully mobile optimised.

Since the launch of iOS7 and Andriod 4.3,  mobile devices are now thriving on iOS icons for websites. For example, you can save a web page to your home screen or bookmark a website and an iPad will save a large graphic image depicting your logo linking to your website.

Did you know that most of your customers will not have been built with custom iOS icons. So all your competitors will most likely have the generic boring icons listed next to their name.

This Christmas saw a surge in tablets being purchased and as a result the proportion of mobile devices being used to browse websites is becoming increasingly greater. One of our clients websites ( has seen an increase in mobile devices throughout January.

So how much does this cost? And what do you have to do to get this feature integrated to your website? …We’re only charging £75 (+VAT) per website to take your logo, create an iOS version of the logo and integrate into your website pages.

All you have to do is reply to this email asking for us to apply this to your website and we’ll get it done this week.

This graphic (above) explains what we’re talking about.

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